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The Asian Football Development Project (AFDP) is a not-for-profit Youth Commission founded in February 2012. We provide Asian football organizations and development organizations using football as a tool for social development with needs-based assistance. Football in Asia is not as well organized as is could be – especially when it comes to grassroots, youth, and women's football. With youth comprising 98% of the football players and 99.8% being amateur (according to FIFA), this is therefore a tremendous loss for football and social development. It is here we want to invest - at the basis of the pyramid where we can contribute to the creation of a lot of success stories in Asia in the near future.https://www.the-afdp.org/

Based on <Letter about approval for the filing of organizational reform plan of Chongming county government> issued by Shanghai Organization Committee and stipulations among lines of <Chongming county government organizational reform plan>, Chongming Sports Bureau is instituted as one of the county’s government departments. It implements guidelines and policies, laws and regulations concerning sports; take into consideration local practical status quo while making out local strategies and goals of development; Responsible for implementing <Nationwide fitness program outline>. It organizes and instructs the work of testing citizen’s health situation in support of developing sports among masses, the cause of school sports. http://www.cmtyj.com/

The World Cage-football Union is sponsored and established by the World Cage Cage-football Development Company Limited, with the purpose to promote cage football program and professional facility, drive the exchanges about football among global youth, hold international youth football match and work as an unofficial organization to provide professional training for teenager football coach. Its headquarter is based in Manchester city in British, setting Hong Kong as its Asian headquarter and Beijing as its working body in mainland. http://www.cwcfu.com/

A global leader in sports management, Euroleague Basketball develops and organizes elite competitions, sporting events, corporate social responsibility programs and educational initiatives. Founded in 2000 under a breakthrough private organizational model for European professional team sports, Euroleague Basketball manages the continent's two premier men's basketball competitions, the Turkish Airlines Euroleague and the Eurocup, as well as the sport's premier under-18 showcase, the Adidas Next Generation Tournament. Both the men's and junior European champions are crowned each spring at world basketball’s signature weekend event, the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four. http://www.euroleague.net/

FundLife International was founded in England and Wales in 2012 by Marko Kasic, who had been consulting for several small foundations both in Europe and Asia seeking alterative education models for children from marginalised communities. In March 2014, FundLife UK approached UNICEF and Assist Asia to implement the Football for Life (F4L) programme, supporting Haiyan survivor-children in Tacloban. Using Football as tool for empowerment, the F4L project provided psychosocial support to Haiyan-survivor children, debriefing them through play therapy. http://www.fundlife.org/

The Multinational SlamBall Athletic Association (MSAA) is a non-profit organization founded in Los Angeles, California in 2012 for the purpose to support SlamBall's global expansion initiatives. The mission was to create a formal management structure to better support its development on a fair, productive and regulated basis. MSAA is the worldwide governing body of SlamBall whose mandate is to develop and manage global standards for the sport. Its main function is to standardize & regulate SlamBall game rules, equipments & gear specifications, training program certifications, clubs, leagues, associations and affiliations around the globe; it aims to expand the practices of the sport to the world wide audiences and ultimately becoming a sport in the Olympic Games. http://officialslamball.com/

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