China Football Summit 2017

China Football Summit 2017 will be the 3rd one of China Football Summit Series as the only event focusing on the development and outlook of Chinese whole football industrial chain. In 2016, the value of CSL ranks first in terms of value growth in the world; CSL revenue totals CNY 1.5 billion; Revenue from media rights jumped by 12 times compared to last season; It still holds No.1 position in Asia with total attendance of 5.8 million; CSL broke the records during 2016 super players recruitment in terms of scale, salary or bonus investment; China is facing an unprecedented era of football booms. China Football Summit 2017 will unfold: “The changes of China National Team brought by Lippi”, “The construction of Guangzhou Football Town”, “How Chinese clubs drawing lessons from international ones”, ”Is it rational investment or just people following suit with back-to-back mergers and acquisitions on foreign assets by Chinese capitals?” We will probe into China Football tremendous business opportunities with you.

China Football Summit 2016

China Football Summit 2016 will be held on May 26-27th in Shanghai, China. On 16 March 2015, the State Council released the Overall Plan for Chinese Football Reform and Development , which reflects China government senior officials’ high level concern on “Reviving China Soccer”. The Plan advised that soccer should be brought in social development plan with three-step strategy, soccer development environment should be improved, soccer administration system should be streamlined, and form a pattern of coordinated development between soccer cause and soccer industry. With the double dividend of Policy Support and Consumer Upgrade, China football development will enjoy unprecedented opportunities.

China Football Summit 2015

The grand China Football Summit 2015 was hosted 11-12th , June 2015 in Beijing, organized by Pioneer Sports. The summit received tremendous support from AFDP(Asian Football Development Project). FIFA Vice President, before host day of conference, Prince Ali of Jordan sent a specially-taped congratulation video from his UK office to organizing committee in which he expressed his wishes for China football and acclaimed the contribution of President Xi to China football development three times.

China Basketball Summit 2015

The grand China Basketball Summit 2015 was hosted 10-11th , Dec 2015 in Shanghai, organized by Pioneer Sports. European League and Slamball grant substantial support as endorsers. FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann sent a congrats video from his Switzerland office before the host of summit, conveyed his wishes for FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in China as well as hopes for the future of China basketball and expectation that China can enter FIBA Basketball World Cup Finals.